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3938 Nelson Heights, Cazenovia, NY 13035

AJ's Pro Staff

The Owner: John aka Dad

John is the owner of AJ'S Archery(2001) and The Gun Shop (1980). He has been an outdoor enthusiast for over 40 years. John is a ‘Jack of all trades’ and a Master of many. You will find him behind the sales counter, fixing a bow, working on a firearm, building some arrows, running the register, in the office or working on the latest project. He is our go to man for just about everything! The business would not be here without his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The Hunter: Adam

Adam is John’s youngest of 3 children. In 2001 John took Adam on a road trip that would forever change his life. He was introduced into the Archery world and at the young age of 14. Adam became one of the youngest to successfully complete Bow Technician training and Easton Arrow building. After attending their first Archery Trade Show, John and Adam returned home to start AJ’S Archery. After high school Adam ‘left the nest’ to go to school and work. After many years on the road he has returned to work the business full time. Adam is skilled as a bow and arrow technician, but like everyone else in the shop he is often working other jobs to keep things running smoothly.

The Sailor and his wife: Christian & Allison

Christian is John’s son in law – Married to Allison, John’s oldest. He was welcomed into the business in 2005 when Allison and Christian moved back to Cazenovia to start a family. Christian quickly became a staple in the shop along with Allison while John was still working a full time job. Together they helped build the business to what it is today while raising 2 young boys. Christian loves to create custom arrows and work on bows where Allison is usually found on the sales floor or working on behind the scenes stuff like advertising, buying and receiving.