TAP - 9 mm - 124 GR - Hollow Point

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Hornady TAP-FPD 9mm Luger Ammo 124 Grain +P Jacketed Hollow Point ammo review offers the following information; Developed and distributed right in the heartland of American, Hornady ammunition is built to the tightest tolerances for peak performance rivaling and sometimes surpassing hand loads in many guns with custom-grade ammunition from the factory. Hornady offers the Pistol TAP XTP CQ line of ammunition for Law Enforcement (LE) use. The TAP Pistol line of ammunition is specifically designed to offer Law Enforcement the best possible performance in duty pistol ammunition. This 9mm personal protection ammo made by Hornady for Police features a 124 Grain +P Jacketed Hollow Point bullet, a boxer primer that is non-corrosive, brand new nickel plated brass casing that can be reloaded for those 9mm ammo shooters that love to reload their 9mm ammunition. This ammunition has been designed with bullets that perform in the optimum range of penetration and expansion for LE applications, giving 12-15" of penetration in bare ordnance gelatin. The ammunition has also been designed with propellants that offer clean burning with a minimum of residue and minimum signature from flash. This ammunition is a new production, non-corrosive, reloadable ammo in boxer primed and brass cases. 9mm Luger Ammo by Hornady is packaged in boxes of 25 or cases of 250.

Caliber 9mm Ammo
Bullet Type XTP JHP- XTP Jacketed Hollow Point
Muzzle Velocity 1110 fps
Muzzle Energy 369 ft. lbs
Primer Boxer
Casing Brass Casing
Ammo Rating Personal Protection & Self Defense 9mm Luger Ammo